Antonio L. Medina

Antonio L. Medina

Antonio Medina has spent much of his professional career leading high-profile initiatives, as well as developing and executing complex business strategies in a variety of fields including Real Estate, Economic Development, Finance, and Manufacturing.

In December 2020, Mr. Medina was nominated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and appointed to the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico by President Donald Trump, where he serves on a pro-bono basis. He is also President of Convergent Strategies, a consulting firm focusing on Corporate Strategy, Financial Optimization, and Real Estate Development initiatives.  Some of his most important clients include Palmas Del Mar Properties Inc. and McConnell Valdés, among others.

From 2012 to 2016, he held the position of Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO), where he was responsible for managing Puerto Rico’s largest real estate portfolio.  He was also a member of the Governor’s Cabinet and Economic Development Team during this period.  Some of his most important accomplishments at PRIDCO include the stabilization of the Life Sciences segment and the accelerated growth of the Aerospace and Export Services Segments in Puerto Rico, including the entry of many new companies such as Lufthansa Technik and Infosys, as well as large scale expansion projects by Eli-Lilly, BMS, AbbVie, Coopervision, AON Hewitt, United Technologies, and Lockheed Martin, among others.  Multiple new real estate development projects were completed under his direct leadership, including multi-million dollar construction projects such as the new Honeywell and GE facilities.  Mr. Medina was also instrumental in restoring the Rums of Puerto Rico program.

Prior to joining the government, Mr. Medina had over 20 years of experience in multiple executive roles including positions such as CFO for Merck Brazil, CFO for Merck Central America & Caribbean; Director of Financial Evaluations, as well as prior experience in Business Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Software Development.

Mr. Medina has served in multiple Boards of Directors such as the Palmas del Mar Homeowners’ Association (PHA), Palmas del Mar Utility (PDMU), Grupo Guayacán, Ports Authority, Economic Development Bank, Trade and Export Company, The Science and Technology Trust and WIPR TV Network.

His qualifications include an MBA in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business; a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering; and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

He is also fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.