Ease of Doing Business Survey Results

The newest version of the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Survey is now online and available here. If you’re a part of the business community in Puerto Rico, we invite you to fill it out and share it with any other businesspeople you know. You have until (date) to complete it; afterward, the results will be aggregated and shared publicly. Your input is invaluable in helping us bring about a more attractive business environment on the island with more opportunities for everyone.


Improving the competitiveness and attractiveness of Puerto Rico’s economy to attract more investment and create more jobs is one of the most important structural reforms defined in the Certified Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico.

Ease of Doing Business Reforms entail comprehensive reforms to obtain permits, register property, improve ease of paying taxes and registering property, and obtaining permits. To understand where Puerto Rico stands and identify the needs of the business community, the Oversight Board surveyed the community with the support of major business associations and economic development non-profits. A total of 649 businesses responded to the survey that was distributed by over 20 professional associations, such as the P.R. Chamber of Commerce, Puerto Rico Manufacturers’ Association, Centro Unido de Detallistas, and PRIDCO’s tenants and their list of companies with incentive decrees, among others.

In its most recent Ease of Doing Business Survey, the Oversight Board asked businesses to:

  1. Evaluate any recent changes regarding ease of doing business on the island.
  2. Better understand businesses’ experiences with related processes (e.g., permitting) in Puerto Rico.
  3. Capture the business community’s sentiment about the island’s economic path.

The Oversight Board will continue to survey Puerto Rico’s businesses quarterly to determine how the business environment changes and if changes implemented by the Government are seen by the business community as effective.

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