Economic Development

In the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, the priority must be to change the trajectory of Puerto Rico’s economy and provide its people with a more prosperous future. It is essential to eliminate barriers to economic development.

Study of economic development

There is no shortage of studies documenting what should be done to foster economic development in Puerto Rico. The Study of Economic Development includes a selection of key studies that may serve as a road map for future government administrations. 

Essays & reports

There are still many critical areas worth researching and discussing. As such, the Oversight Board has an ongoing series of Economic Development Essays & Reports on various subjects that are vital to achieving this goal.

Topics discussed include the importance of improving the availability of economic data to better guide policy, as well as analyzing in depth the existing data on unemployment to ensure residents are being provided real opportunities to return to the labor market.


Report: Economic Macrodata

Author:Estudios Técnicos Inc. The report provides an assessment of the current state of Puerto Rico’s economic data. The study provides specific recommendations to maintain valuable

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