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Capital Project Delivery

Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority (HTA)

Puerto Rico requires a safe, well-planned, and well-maintained road system to ensure safety of drivers and passengers, all as to support economic development on the island. The efficient and effective delivery of infrastructure capital program is paramount to supporting this goal. The Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority (HTA) is a public corporation charged with constructing, operating, and maintaining Puerto Rico’s toll road network, major highways and mass transportation facilities. HTA is undertaking significant efforts to enhance its systems, capacity and CapEx delivery capabilities with the goal of improving road and bridge conditions, reducing congestion, and improving safety. The FOMB HTA project delivery dashboard aims to provide transparency around HTA’s capital delivery work, by showcasing project-level performance for HTA’s current and programmed projects against planned timeline and budget estimates. The dashboard tracks both projects in planning stages and projects in construction and is updated monthly based on previous month’s project progress. It is populated based on data provided to the FOMB by HTA.

Construction Projects



Budget Status-Construction Projects

Within 10%
of Budget


between 10% & 50%
over budget


more than 50%
over budget



Dashboard Last Updated: April 2022
Data As Of: January 2022

(1) Some projects may include more than one project site, and therefore correspond to more than one pins on map. Mapped projects are based on project descriptions provided by HTA and may not be precise in some instances.
(2) Includes all projects, including those that are planned for the current fiscal year, but have not started construction.
(3) Includes projects that are projected to be under budget.
(4) Includes projects that are projected to be completed early.
(5) On Schedule” includes a 30-day buffer to allow for slight delays. For example, if projected project duration is longer than expected duration – but not more than 30 days longer – the project is listed as “on schedule”.
(6) For pre-construction projects, “on schedule” / “not on schedule” refers to the pre-construction phase only because we do not have data on expected completion date for the construction phase in most cases. To determine on/not on schedule for pre-construction projects, “projected duration” becomes “actual duration” (i.e., time from actual bid opening date to the actual notice to proceed date), while “expected duration” refers to the time from the programmed bid award date to the programmed notice to proceed date. If “actual duration” is shorter than “expected duration” – or no more than 30 days longer – the project is listed as on schedule.
(7) Only includes projects for which complete data is reported.

This Capital Project Delivery Dashboard is based on public reporting provided by HTA.
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