Implementing an Effective Time and Attendance System at the Puerto Rico Department of Education

The Oversight Board has been made aware that the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) made at least $80 million in payments over 13 years to employees who had resigned, are retired, deceased, or otherwise not working because it has not effectively used an automated time and attendance system that would ensure only employees who are working get paid.

The Oversight Board became aware of these payments as it continued to request more granular information about payroll spending, employee rosters and time and attendance as part of its mandate to ensure fiscal responsibility and monitor implementation of the Certified Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico. 

The Certified Fiscal Plan requires the implementation of an effective time and attendance system that would prevent PRDE from overpaying and losing millions of dollars every year, and PRDE has repeatedly pledged to implement such a system.

Since December 16, 2020, we have been working with the Department of Education on a communication strategy that would ensure all its employees understand the time and attendance system. Currently, over 93% of employees have signed acknowledgment forms to that effect. Taking into account all the progress made to date, the Oversight Board understands the project is ready to launch and we await a firm commitment and official date to implement the project from the Government.

Project Timeline & Key Milestones