Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Full implementation of the Certified Fiscal Plans is necessary to put Puerto Rico on the path to meeting the objectives laid out in the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA): achieving fiscal responsibility and balance, regaining access to the capital markets, and restoring economic opportunity for the Island.

In order to effectively track compliance with the Certified Fiscal Plans, the Oversight Board established a series of reporting requirements to provide transparency into the Government’s financial management and to monitor implementation of the measures in the Fiscal Plans.

The FOMB Reporting Compliance Dashboard will allow the public, the Government, and the Oversight Board to monitor whether Government entities are complying with the required financial reporting and implementation plans.


Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan Submissions

Implementation Plans: Reporting requirement with detailed layouts of each activity required for accomplishing fiscal measures (including agency efficiencies and consolidations) and structural reforms. The implementation plans are detailed roadmaps for transformation, and including sub-measures, risks/mitigants for each activity, clear leaders and owners for each activity, metrics, and key performance indicators.

Implementation Progress Reports

Summary for latest reporting month:

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Implementation Progress Reports: Reporting requirement provide a monthly snapshot by each government entity on key performance indicators for each of the fiscal measures (including agency efficiencies and consolidations) and structural reforms. These progress reports are used to monitor the Implementation Plans.

Fiscal Control

Fiscal Control Reports

Summary for latest reporting month:

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As part of implementing the New Fiscal Plan, the Oversight Board will requires reporting of the Government’s data regarding finances and budget to improve fiscal governance, accountability, and internal controls. The Government is expected to meet the following reporting requirements:

1. Liquidity Report

2. Budget to Actual Report

3. Attendance Report

4. Paygo Report

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