Research and Public Policy Department

The Research and Policy Department conducts research, public policy analysis, and program evaluation at the Oversight Board. The staff is comprised of economists, attorneys, public policy, and public administration experts, with extensive knowledge and experience in local public policy issues.

The Department also presents ideas, proposals, and analysis to support the public debate about what changes Puerto Rico needs to prosper, and how Puerto Rico can achieve sustainable economic growth and good governance.

Civil Service Reform

The Oversight Board’s Research and Policy Department developed a series of reports to understand the current state of human resource management in the government and to help guide the discussion about civil service reform in Puerto Rico.

Research Data Tools

The Research and Policy Department produces maps, charts, data sets, infographics, and other visual resources as part of our commitment to make complex research and data accessible to a wider audience.

Explore these platforms, take advantage of the open data access they provide and helps us bring more informed policy-making to Puerto Rico.  


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