Essay: Civil Service Reform: Methods and Practices

The Government of Puerto Rico and Oversight Board are working on a Civil Service Reform to build a more efficient, effective, and accountable government and creating an improved work experience for public sector employees. The reform program focuses on four strategic components: organizational design, compensation, recruitment, and employee evaluation.

The first essay focuses on three main topics:
  1. Chronicle of the reform, from the initial stage of investigation and diagnosis to the recommendation, design, and implementation of the pilot plan of the reform and the planning for a broader implementation
  2. Restructuring and modernizing the organizational structures of the agencies of the Government of Puerto Rico
  3. Compensation benchmarking methodology to ensure competitive, fair, and justified salaries in the government
The objective is to implement the four components of the Civil Service Reform, beginning with the  new organizational structures and salary adjustments for the employees who were part of the Pilot. The next step of the reform will focus on implementing a new recruitment  process and a new employee evaluation system that supports career development.


Arnaldo Cruz,
Olivier Perrinjaquet Cruz,
Emmanuel Alemar
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