Message from the Leadership

“The Oversight Board takes transparency very seriously. Our commitment to robust ethics standards begins with our Bylaws, which have always included strict self-imposed financial reporting requirements for board members and senior executive staff, and continues with our strong Code of Conduct and our independent Ethics Advisor. This comprehensive web page provides an interactive tool to share important documents and developments. We encourage our stakeholders to take advantage of the resources on this page.”

- David Skeel

Meet the FOMB Ethics Advisor

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

“It is an honor to serve as the Independent Ethics Advisor to the FOMB, a position I have held since March 2017. This is a role that is intended to assist the FOMB Board and Staff with financial disclosure, conflicts of interest, code of conduct and related ethics issues that may arise from time to time. Ultimately the role is here to serve the best interest of the FOMB’s most important stakeholder – the people of Puerto Rico.”

FOMB Ethics Resources

Additional Ethics Resources