Newsletter – April 2024

Oversight Board Supports Rooftop Solar and PREB’s Independence

The Oversight Board remains committed to Puerto Rico transitioning to renewable energy, through rooftop solar and large-scale renewables generation. The Board is also committed to the continuing independence of the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB).

The Government had tasked PREB with conducting a study of Puerto Rico’s current net metering program. The report will be subject to public comments. However, Act 10 would stop PREB’s review, without issuing a report or public input.

Solar is in the public interest. PREB will determine what policies need to be in place and what rules need to be reviewed to determine what is the best way to reach our renewable goals. The energy system has only just begun to recover from decades of political mismanagement that left the people of Puerto Rico with a failing electric grid.

PREB must be allowed to do its work. PREB must remain an independent energy regulator free from political interference, as this is an important component of Puerto Rico’s transformation to reliable, cleaner, and cheaper energy.

The Oversight Board urges the Government to reverse Act 10.

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Civil Service Reform: New Skills-based Hiring Initiative and AI-supported Talent Acquisition and Management Platform Goes Live

The Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) announced over 170 new positions it seeks to fill at the agency, as part of the transformation of the department through the Civil Service Reform (CSR). On April 30, the PRDE shared the job openings on the new talent acquisition and management platform that was created for the government agencies participating in the pilot project. The platform uses artificial intelligence to pair the best candidates with available positions within government agencies.
The CSR is a joint initiative of the Oversight Board and the Puerto Rico Government, in which agencies are being restructured and public employees are receiving market-based compensation, professional training, and more opportunities to further their careers.
Watch the Oversight Board’s Deputy Executive Director Arnaldo Cruz and Education Secretary Yanira Raices explain how the initiative seeks to recruit and retain the best candidates for each position, based on the individual’s skill set.

UPR Students Assist in Reducing Backlog at the Property Registry

Great progress continues to be made at the Puerto Rico Property Registry thanks to the joint effort between the Registry, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the Oversight Board. The initiative’s objective is to complete the registry of properties on the island and reduce the number of backlogged documents at the Property Registry.
Lack of proper registration affects buying and selling properties in Puerto Rico, and some homeowners could not prove ownership of damaged properties after Hurricane Maria, which made it difficult for those storm victims to obtain federal funds to assist with repairs after a storm has damaged their home or business.
In 2020, there was a backlog of 415,000 documents. That number has now been reduced by almost 60%, and the entire backlog should be eliminated by June 2025, according to estimates.
A paid internship program at the UPR has allowed law students to assist the Property Registry with the registration of properties to reduce the backlog, while they gain valuable work experience at the Registry.
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Engagement with Stakeholders:

April 26, 2024

Oversight Board Executive Director Robert F. Mujica Jr. gave a presentation to the Congress of Municipal Legislators on the Oversight Board’s work to support municipalities. To help the municipalities that truly need assistance, the Oversight Board has approved additional funds, such as $30 million for essential services and $51 million for garbage collection.

April 11, 2024

Oversight Board Executive Director Robert F. Mujica, Jr. visited the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico at the Las Margaritas public housing project in San Juan, where he toured the facilities with students and staff. The organization provides important educational and social services to children and youths, ages 6-18. Nonprofits are part of Puerto Rico’s efforts to provide important services and help vulnerable populations in areas such as education and economic security.

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